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A conviction of Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”), VGCSA (drug possession) or other serious traffic offense can have both financial and licensing consequences, and may result in you going to jail or prison. In addition, such a conviction will appear on your driving record and your “rap sheet” for the rest of your life, and may result in a substantial increase in your automobile insurance premiums for several years.

As with any criminal charge, the State bears the burden of proving the charge against you. Because of the increasing political and public intolerance towards these types of offenses, however, defending a these charges has become more complicated, and the penalties if you’re convicted have become more severe.

My goal is to deliver the highest possible quality legal services to each of my clients. I use my experience, knowledge, education, creativity and technology to provide my clients with an effective and efficient defense.

I communicate with my clients, listen to their questions, concerns and ideas and keep them informed of all developments in their cases. I strive to provide a determined, organized team effort in analyzing, preparing and executing the defense of my clients.

My primary focus is on the representation of persons who have been charged with DUI and Vehicular Crimes — whether a felony or misdemeanor. The vast majority of my clients have been charged with DUI. I am proud of the reputation that I have earned throughout Georgia in this area of the law. I practice in County, City and Probate courts — and practice at both the trial and appellate levels.

For a free, no obligation case evaluation, email or call today (404) 771-6675.



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